25 Best WhatsApp Business Message Templates

25 Best WhatsApp Business Message Templates

Aug 5, 2022

A WhatsApp Business Template is a pre-configured message, required to initiate a conversation or to respond to a conversation.

A WhatsApp Business Template is a pre-configured message, required to initiate a conversation or to respond to a conversation initiated by the customer. It is also called a Highly Structured Message that businesses can use and send repeatedly. Templates also have placeholder sections where businesses can place different content dynamically, as per the context. This gives businesses the benefits of saving time and effort in typing messages that are largely standardized but also have some variable content.

An example of a template would be:

Thank you for your service request, {{1}}. Someone will respond to it in {{2}} hours.

When this template is used to deliver a message to someone named Susan with a service request number #200 it will look like this:

That you for your service request, Susan. Someone will respond to it in 1 hour. 

Another example of a template would be :

Dear {{1}}, this is a gentle reminder that you have an outstanding payment of {{2}}. Kindly make the payment at the earliest. Thank you.

When this template is used to deliver a message to someone named Peter with an outstanding payment of 200$ it will look like this:

Dear Peter, you have an outstanding payment of $200. Kindly make the payment at the earliest. Thank you.

To maintain quality and to ensure that there is no spamming, WhatsApp reviews & approves each message template, a process that could take up to 48 hours. However, most templates get approved within 2 minutes.

Types of Templates

The following type of templates are supported by WhatsApp

Marketing :

Messages with promotional content, such as announcements of products and other messaging for increasing customer awareness and engagement

One-Time Passwords:

Sending of one-time password codes that allow your customers to securely access their accounts

Transactional :

These are templates for transactions such as orders, payments, delivery, and updates of status about all of the above

You can create nearly 250 template messages, from these 3 categories. This is provided you have signed up for WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Business API.

Why Do You Need Templates?

WhatsApp has a 24-hour rule. What this means is that if someone initiates a conversation with your business, your business has a 24-hour period in which you can have a conversation, and your business won't be charged. Outside this 24-hour window period, if you wish to communicate, then your business would need to use WhatsApp

Templates for which WhatsApp would charge a small fee.

If you wish to broadcast a message, you also need to use WhatsApp Templates.

So, ultimately, WhatsApp Templates are the only way your business can realistically communicate with your customers.

25 Best Message Templates

Account updates

When a subscriber makes changes to their account, such as adding their photo, changing their password, or their associated email

Hello {{1}}, We've received your password change request. Please remember the new password next time when you log in. If you didn't make this change, please contact our customer support at help@companyname.com.
Hello {{1}}, your account for {{2}} has been approved. You can now log in with the details shared with you over email. If you are stuck anywhere, please reach out to us at {{3}}. 

Alert updates

These templates can be used for alerting customers about the status of shipping, delivery, or any delays.

Hi {{1}}, welcome to [company name]! We've received your order successfully. To keep you updated about the delivery of your order, we'll be sending you messages via WhatsApp. If you have any queries, please contact support at [support email]. Happy to help you out. 
Hi {{1}}, this is to inform you that the demo scheduled for {{2}} on {{3}} has been canceled due to technical issues. We'll get in touch with you over the phone to reschedule it at the earliest. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Appointment updates

These are intended to keep customers informed about changes in appointments. It reduces disappointment and frustration in customers’ minds.

Hello {{1}}! You have an appointment scheduled with us n {{2}} at {{3}}. Please reach 10 minutes in advance to complete any formalities. We look forward to seeing you there. 
Hello {{1}}. Hope you are doing fine. You did not show up at your appointment on {{2}} at {{3}}. Please contact us at number {{4}} to reschedule or reply to this message. Thank you.


Auto-reply templates are used to keep customers informed about your accessibility during non-working hours or holiday periods. This helps customers stay informed about why you are not responding.

Thanks for your message! You've reached us outside of our working hours which are Mon-Fri, 9 am-7 pm. We'll get back to you within 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can check out our FAQs to help resolve your query. 
Hi {{1}}, thanks for contacting us. Our team of experts will reach out to you soon. Select the option below to schedule a call back with our expert or to explore our services. [Insert CTAs to schedule a call and explore services] 

Issue resolution

If your app or software has encountered a glitch that is causing downtime, then you can use these templates to reassure customers and keep them informed,

Hello {{1}}, We are currently experiencing a technical issue concerning {{2}}. You could experience some downtime. Our team is working hard to resolve the issue. We'll keep you informed when it is fixed. 

When the issue has been fixed:

The {{1}} issue has been resolved and all services on the app are up and running. If you still experience problems, let us know. We are happy to offer you further support!

Payment update

Let your customers know that you have received their payment. It also confirms that their order has been received. This helps build trust and reduce support tickets.

Hello {{1}}, We've received your payment for order {{2}}. We'll send you the tracking details in 24 hours and will ship your order for {{3}} as quickly as possible! 
Hi {{1}}. This is a gentle reminder to you that your payment for {{2}}, worth {{3}} is due on {{4}}. 

Personal finance update

If you are a financial institution (bank, fintech platform, or crypto exchange), you can use this template to keep your customers informed about their balance, upcoming deductions, or credit card bills.

Hello {{1}}, Your balance for debit account number {{2}} is ${{3}}. Thank you for being our valued customer. To check your credit card bill, please visit {{4}}. 
Hello {{1}}. We have received your loan application for the amount {{2}}. This is to inform you that we will be doing due diligence. Please reach out to us for any issues at {{3}}. 

Reservation update

This template is suited for bars and restaurants to inform customers that their table or room is ready or if there is any change in the reservation

Hello {{1}}, Thank you for booking a table for {{2}} with us. Your dinner starts at {{3}}. If you want any changes to be made, please reply or reach the reception telephone at {{4}}. See you! 
Hi {{1}}, Your stay at our hotel on {{2}} is confirmed. Check-in time is {{3}}. We wish you a pleasant stay.

Shipping update

This template keeps customers updated as to where their order has reached and when it's due for delivery.

Hello! Your order has been shipped & is currently on its way to being delivered as quickly as possible. {{1}} will deliver your package to your address on {{2}}. Here's the tracking code {{3}}. Enjoy your new product!

Ticket updates

When a customer submits a ticket, they usually are expecting a prompt reply. However, that may not be possible all the time, depending on the availability of customer service agents. So use this template to inform that about their ticket until a customer service agent can communicate with them

Hi {{1}}, Thank you for reaching out to our customer support team. We've received your query and will get back to you within {{2}} hours. 

Transportation update

Transportation companies will dig this, They can use this template to share the ticket, inform about pickup locations, any change in the timing, or where customers can find their luggage.

Hi {{1}}, Your trip to {{2}} is coming up. Your flight will depart at {{3}} from Terminal {{4}} of airport {{5}}. Please reach the airport 3 hours before departure to avoid any delays. Wish you a pleasant journey ahead. 
Hello {{1}}. Your {{1}} flight from {{2}} to {{3}} is delayed by {{4}} minutes and is due to arrive at {{5}}. If you wish to reschedule, please write back here or call us at {{6}}.

Promotional message 

Use these templates to send a promo code, run a sale or let your subscribers know about an upcoming event.

With more than {{1}} units sold, our product {{2}} is one of our best-sellers and an ABSOLUTE favorite among our customers! And that's why we want to give a chance to everyone to experience it. This month, we are giving 20% off on {{3}}. Apply the code {{4}} on checkout. No minimum order is required. 
Need to get beach-ready for summers? We are running a special sale on our collection of {{1}} & {{2}} for the next 24 hours. Use the promo code {{3}} to get your hands on the sassiest-looking hats for your beach vacation. No string attached! Head over to the website to order now. 

Product launch message

Hype up your new product with this template. Use it to send subscribers to your website, see their responses and validate your new idea.

We have launched our much-awaited {{1}}. You can get your hands on it for the next 24 hours at a special launch discount of 30%. Offers last till stocks last. Order here {{2}}.  

Welcome message

Make a great first impression by welcoming your subscribers with a personalized message. Use the templates below.

Hello {{1}}! Welcome to {{2}}. We are glad you chose us for {{3}}. Let's connect on Instagram for some fun {{4}}. If you need anything, write to us at support@companyname.com 
Hi there! Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter on WhatsApp.As promised, here's your {{1}} discount code to shop for any item on the website -- {{2}}. No minimum purchase is required. This discount code is valid for the next {{3}} months. 

The first step in using the power of WhatsApp Templates is signing up for your WhatsApp Business API. You could do it via the WhatsApp website but it’s a rather cumbersome process and you are better off contacting a Business Solution Provider such as BotSpace

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