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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a MAC
MAC stands for Monthly Active Contacts - any unique phone number that interacts with your official WhatsApp number. An MAC is counted only if there is at least 1 incoming or 1 outgoing message to that number
What is an Incoming Message
It is any message that a contact sends to your Official WhatsApp number
What is an Outgoing Message
It is any message sent from your Official WhatsApp number within 24 hours of an incoming customer message
What is a Message Templates
Message templates are message formats for common reusable notifications a business may want to send. Businesses must use Message Templates for sending messages outside the 24-hour customer service window to any customers. Your Message Templates will be reviewed by WhatsApp to ensure they do not violate WhatsApp policies
Do you charge for access to WhatsApp Business API?
No. Its absolutely FREE! BotSpace does not charge for access to WhatsApp Business API. We will help you apply to WhatsApp, through a Facebook BSP and once you are approved per WhatsApp's Commerce Policy, then you can integrate your WhatsApp channel into BotSpace platform
What is the Fair Use Policy?
The Monthly Active Customers fee per month is subject to a fair use policy of maximum 50 messages (of any type) per customer per month
What happens if I exceed the fair use policy of 50 messages per customer
You will be charged 1 additional MAC fee for every 50 messages exchanged with that user. Eg. you exchanged 70 messages with 1 user, then you will be charged 2 users
Does BotSpace give me a number or may I setup my own number as my Official WhatsApp number
We do not provide a number. You can give us any valid number (from any country) and we can set it up as your Official WhatsApp API number. Once setup you cannot downgrade that number to a WhatsApp Business Account or regular WhatsApp account
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