Flexible pricing based on usage, not the size of your team

Everyone in your organization should have the ability to use messaging, so we don’t charge by the seat.

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1000 conversations included
additional conversations fees applicable based on country
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20% OFF when billed annually
1 WhatsApp number included
$19 for every additional number
Unlimited Team Members
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+$15 for each extra 500 customer
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Frequently Asked Questions

✦ What's a Conversation?

All conversations are measured in fixed 24-hour sessions. A conversation starts when the first business message in a conversation is delivered, either initiated by the business or in reply to a user message. Businesses and users can exchange any number of messages, including template messages, within a 24 hour conversation session without incurring additional charges. Each 24 hour conversation session results in a single charge.

✦ What is the charge per Conversation?

Per conversation charges are based on the end users country. You can check the Rate Card to estimate the charges based on your users region.

✦ What's a Business Initiated Conversation?

A conversation that initiates from a business sending a user a message outside the 24 hour customer service window. Messages that initiate a business-initiated conversation will require a message template.

✦ What's a User Initiated Conversation?

A conversation that initiates in response to a user message. Whenever a business replies to a user within the 24 hour customer service window, that message will be associated with a user-initiated conversation. Businesses can send free-form messages within this 24 hour customer service window.

✦ What is an Incoming Message?

It is any message that a contact sends to your Official WhatsApp number

✦ What is an Outgoing Message?

It is any message sent from your Official WhatsApp number within 24 hours of an incoming customer message

✦ What is a Message Templates?

Message templates are message formats for common reusable notifications a business may want to send. Businesses must use Message Templates for sending messages outside the 24-hour customer service window to any customers. Your Message Templates will be reviewed by WhatsApp to ensure they do not violate WhatsApp policies

✦ Do you charge for access to WhatsApp Business API?

No. Its absolutely FREE! BotSpace does not charge for access to WhatsApp Business API. We will help you apply to WhatsApp, through a Facebook BSP and once you are approved per WhatsApp's Commerce Policy, then you can integrate your WhatsApp channel into BotSpace platform

✦ Are all charges prepaid on BotSpace?

Yes. You pay first and use later. You will be charged your Monthly Susbcription fees on the first day of your billing period. You would then need to recharge your account with prepaid credits in order to have any Conversations.

✦ Do you have an annual plan?

Yes. We also offer 20% on our monthly price if billed annually

✦ Do you offer volume discounts?

We offer a discounted price for brands that have annual committed conversations volumes. Please Contact Sales for more information.

✦ Do you offer support for multiple numbers?

Yes. We do offer support for multiple numbers under one single workspace. You will be charged $19 for each additional number you add to the workspace.

✦ Does BotSpace give me a number or may I setup my own number as my Official WhatsApp number?

We do not provide a number. You can give us any valid number (from any country) and we can set it up as your Official WhatsApp API number. Once setup you cannot downgrade that number to a WhatsApp Business Account or regular WhatsApp account

✦ What if I want to re-use a number? I already have a WhatsApp number to talk to my customers.

Yes you can re-use a number but you’d need to delete your existing WhatsApp account before we activate it as your Official WhatsApp API number.

✦ Once my number is activated, can I reinstall WhatsApp on my phone?

No. That would be like trying to install WhatsApp on 2 numbers. Once a number is setup on the API, it cannot be used on a phone.

✦ Should I keep my phone always ON, to use BotSpace?

No. You will only need the phone to receive the activation OTP. Once you are verified, we don’t need the phone anymore for WhatsApp. You can continue to use it for making regular phone calls, receiving SMS text messages etc. But you can’t use WhatsApp on that phone with that number, again. You will need to use WhatsApp via the BotSpace dashboard or the Official WhatsApp API.
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