Free WhatsApp Live Chat Widget for your website

This easy-to-use tool lets people start a chat with you from your website using a WhatsApp button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about using WhatsApp Chat Widget for messaging with your customers

What is a WhatsApp Chat Widget for my website?

You may add the Whatsapp Click To Chat link to your website for free with the Whatsapp Widget. By clicking on the widget, visitors to your website will be able to initiate a Whatsapp chat with your company. They'll be sent to Whatsapp Web/Desktop and asked to send a message to the Whatsapp number you specified.

What are the advantages of WhatsApp Live Widget with Click to Chat links?

Your marketing and customer care operations will be more smooth for your clients if you use WhatsApp chat with them.

A WhatsApp Chat Link can help in the collection of phone numbers from consumers, resulting in increased lead generation and revenue. WhatsApp Links may generate a pre-written message for your website visitors to use to contact you.

This means that a customer does not have to take any effort in order to interact with your company. The person who clicks the link is not required to save your phone number. It's the simplest method to start a conversation with a consumer.The major advantage of utilising a click-to-chat Whatsapp widget is that a client may continue to communicate with your support or marketing staff even after leaving your website. Their Whatsapp chat is still going on.

How do I add a WhatsApp Chat Widget to my website?

Just fill in your Whatsapp phone number in the relevant by clicking on the Generate Widget button above, and customize the look and message of your Whatsapp widget.

Then share the code with your developer, or insert it on your website before the closing </body> tag.

That’s it! Your customers will be able to reach out to your business via Whatsapp.

How to open my Whatsapp number on multiple pcs to share access with my team?

You can open your Whatsapp number on multiple PC's with BotSpace Team Inbox

BotSpace enables your agents to open your Whatsapp business on multiple devices. Connect one or several Whatsapp accounts and collectively manage all chats in one place. The whole setup takes two minutes.

No coding skills, developers, or Whatsapp business approval required.

Is creating a WhatsApp widget the only way to make it easy for customers to contact me?

No, besides WhatsApp chat widget, Shareable links and QR codes can also facilitate easy contact. We offer a free WhatsApp QR code generator and free WhatsApp Link generator that you can use to create a scannable QR codes and shareable links for your business.

Is using Whatsapp Widget free?

Yes, it’s completely free.