A data-driven analysis of South Africa's most popular messaging app, WhatsApp

A data-driven analysis of South Africa's most popular messaging app, WhatsApp

Sep 9, 2023

WhatsApp transforms South African shopping, delivery, and customer engagement through its Business Platform.

In South Africa, WhatsApp users increased from 9.1 million in 2021 to 9.9 million in 2022. By 2025, approximately 11.5 million users are anticipated to be using the messaging platform, according to Statista. 41% of our most recent survey respondents said they prefer Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp for shopping, while 24% said they like websites.
Responses to inquiries about deliveries show that customers want to be in charge. Instead of using a call centre, deliveries of packages should be planned at the convenience of the consumer and should be simple to reschedule by WhatsApp or SMS. Additionally, customers want to be updated on changes.
WhatsApp was selected by 52% of the sample as the most practical method for rescheduling a delivery. 37% of respondents stated they would prefer to use a phone, 30% preferred SMS and email, and 21% chose live chat on a website.
Messaging is the most popular channel in Europe, including Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. But WhatsApp is popular outside of South Africa as well. Unsurprisingly, WhatsApp was chosen as the preferred method for postponing delivery since it is the most widely used messaging app. Instant messaging's promptness satisfies customers' need for prompt service.
Since the beginning of 2022, WhatsApp has been the most widely used messaging platform globally. Global WhatsApp users exchanged almost 100 billion messages daily as of January 2022. Compared to 2017, when users sent nearly 60 billion instant messages each day globally, this is a considerable increase (over 66%).

What is WhatsApp Business Platform?

Introducing WhatsApp as a messaging platform is unnecessary. Most of us—if not everyone—are familiar with the app. It's unsurprising that Meta, the team behind WhatsApp, expanded the platform for businesses with the WhatsApp Business Platform, given its 2 billion users. Customers can connect with your company at scale with the OTT (over-the-top) messaging network WhatsApp Business network.

Key Features of the WhatsApp Business Platform

The benefits and helpful resources the WhatsApp Business Platform provides for boosting customer connection are listed below.

  • Strong Media:
    Like most social media apps, WhatsApp supports rich media, including images, videos, links, PDFs, and GIFs.
  • Templates & Buttons for Messages:
    You can send pre-written messages like confirmations, delivery updates, and appointment reminders using WhatsApp's message templates. Additionally, you can use buttons to avoid creating something entirely new for each message. Customers can speak with you back using the quick reply buttons you make without writing out a complete response.
  • Product Messages:
    Interactive message options for WhatsApp businesses include multi-product and single-product messages. You can advertise and share your goods and services just inside the app. Customers will find it simpler to explore your products and place orders. You will have the opportunity to sell there and then.

Expert WhatsApp Pro Advice

Utilize conversation starters to speed up your interactions with customers.
Use a chatbot to streamline, automate, and expand your customer support process.
Create individualized, genuine experiences for your customers.
Drive traffic from advertisements to one-on-one interactions to increase revenue.

Best Use Cases for the WhatsApp Business Platform

The versatility of the WhatsApp Business Platform makes it a great option for engaging customers in real time. There are numerous uses for it, some of which are listed here.

  • Customer Service: For a customized customer experience in customer care, use WhatsApp Business. Using the platform, you may increase consumer contact by including rich material like images, videos, and places. Ideal for information sharing.
    Create short responses in advance to maintain the flow of conversations and provide the products your clients request during the chat. It is possible to provide client assistance in one location.
  • Marketing: The WhatsApp Business Platform can aid in spreading your message. The appropriate person must be reached at the right time and location for marketing to be effective. A reasonably simple technique to begin getting your message in front of the right ears is through push notifications. Send promotional materials and announcements that have a flexible deadline. For instance, promotions, requests for customer feedback, and offers for new products.
  • Notifications: You may also use the notification feature to inform and involve your customers. Send them updates on the status of their orders or appointments.

What benefits does the WhatsApp Business Platform have for your sector?

Do your priorities retail? Then, use WhatsApp to communicate with your consumers regarding restocks, returns, and refunds—or email updates on the progress of deliveries and verification of purchases.
Are you employed in the travel and hospitality sector? Transmit boarding permits, flight upgrades, modifications, and hotel confirmations to your customers.
Work in the Financial Services Industry? Inform your clients when shady emails are being sent out. Alternatively, assist your clients with payments and talk to them about a stolen credit card.
Are communications your area of expertise? As you communicate with your clients on WhatsApp, assist them in changing subscriptions.
The world of entertainment and media may also gain a lot from WhatsApp. Use WhatsApp to ask your audience for feedback or to remind them about upcoming episodes.
You set delivery dates and send notifications and receipts over chat with your consumers. Or do you want to plan your Logistics since you don't care about any of those mentioned above? Due to its wide variety of use cases, the WhatsApp Business Platform can improve the client experience regardless of your business type.

The Advantages of WhatsApp Business

The main benefit of WhatsApp Business is that it is cost-free and can be used from a desktop or mobile device to address issues immediately. Additionally, it offers quicker customer service with prompt responses and facilitates the sharing of live footage for accurate interpretation.
As the most widely used messaging platform, WhatsApp has a significant presence domestically and abroad. Given its rich media, cutting-edge capabilities, and variety of use cases, it is simple to understand why the channel would complement any communication plan.

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