How To Delete a WhatsApp Business Account? | Step-by-step guide to deleting a WhatsApp Business Account

By reading this in-depth post, you will gain an understanding of how to terminate your WhatsApp Business Account.

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April 8, 2023
How To Delete a WhatsApp Business Account? | Step-by-step guide to deleting a WhatsApp Business Account

With the purpose of assisting quickly growing businesses in utilizing WhatsApp for their expansion, WhatsApp released its business-focused products with the intention of helping these businesses. Because of the immense popularity of WhatsApp and the numerous economic opportunities it presents, companies should go in this direction.

Compared to more conventional means of engaging with clients, business messages sent to customers via WhatsApp have a significantly higher rate of being opened (email and newsletters). It presents an excellent chance for your organization to communicate with its clients through the usage of WhatsApp, particularly in countries such as India, in which WhatsApp is extremely popular.

After you have set up a WhatsApp Business account, there may come a time when you need to deactivate the WhatsApp Business account for a variety of reasons. The reasons could be technical in nature, including the closing down of a business or the beginning of an entirely new line of activity. This may be necessary at any point after you have established the WhatsApp Business account.

You have the option, rather than immediately cancelling your corporate WhatsApp account, to convert it to a conventional personal WhatsApp account instead. This option is available to you in specific circumstances. Let's get together and talk about the many options.
By reading this in-depth post, you will gain an understanding of how to terminate your WhatsApp Business Account.

What repercussions will result from your decision to deactivate your WhatsApp Business account?

If you delete the account associated with your WhatsApp Business profile, any presence that your firm currently has on WhatsApp will be removed. Your entire discussion history with other users, including customers, will be deleted, and your account will no longer be a member of any groups. You will be required to log out of WhatsApp Business and maintain the account dormant for a period of ninety days in order to have your account removed from the system permanently.
If, on the other hand, you change your mind and decide that you want to regain control of your WhatsApp Business account, all you need to do to do so is log back into your account within the first ninety days after deleting the account. This will allow you to regain access to all of your previous messages and contacts. The procedure of eliminating things will be completed due to this action.

How can I switch from a WhatsApp Business account to a standard account?

If you follow the methods below, you will be able to remove a WhatsApp Business account, which will result in the account being converted into a regular WhatsApp account. Cancelling a WhatsApp Business account can also be done using this alternative technique. Before you get started, create a backup of the data that is stored in WhatsApp Business. Whatever cloud storage platform the customer prefers, Google Drive or iCloud, their data can be backed up in either location.

  • Step 1: - Head over to the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store to get the WhatsApp (personal) app and then install it on your device.
  • Step 2: - Launch the WhatsApp app on your device. When you are prompted to verify your phone number, enter the same number that you are using for the WhatsApp Business account. This will ensure that your phone number is authenticated.
    You will see a notification message stating that the number is currently being used with a WhatsApp Business account, and all of the information that is associated with the business profile, labels, and products will be deleted if you still need to delete the WhatsApp Business account. This message will appear if you still need to delete the WhatsApp Business account. Bear in mind that it is not possible to reverse this process.
  • Step 3: - Keep moving forward with the process of verification. Please enter the six-digit code here (that you will receive either as an SMS or as a call, depending on your choice).
  • Step 4: - You have the option of restoring a backup copy of your conversation history to your personal account from either Google Drive or iCloud. Once permissions are given, you can set up WhatsApp at your convenience. You are able to keep using the same number for both your business and personal WhatsApp accounts.

What is the process for deleting your WhatsApp Business account using the WhatsApp Business API?

There is a unique procedure to follow in order to delete the WhatsApp Business account for companies that are using the WhatsApp Business API. It is recommended that the company get in touch with their WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) in order to terminate their WhatsApp Business subscription.
If you are a user of BotSpace, you have the ability to terminate your billing subscription for the WhatsApp API at any time by clicking the "Cancel BotSpace subscription" button located in the "Billing Information" portion of the page. To accommodate your request, members of our staff will collaborate with you.

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