How to share your location via WhatsApp?

How to share your location via WhatsApp?

May 13, 2023

The location sharing feature of the platform in which the sharing will take place is,one of the most crucial one.


1. Why do we need to share our locations?
2. How can I use BotSpace to make my delivery business more successful?

A significant amount of time has passed since WhatsApp first debuted on the market with its many different updates. The location sharing feature of the platform in which the sharing will take place is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial considerations.
This function is beneficial for both users and businesses, as it provides the ability to determine the current position of a person in real-time, which is of tremendous use to companies such as restaurants and couriers that make deliveries.
This function can be used in various settings, including real-time location and the most available position. This method lets you communicate your most recent post or current status in real time. It is always available for the other person to view.
It is also vital to remember that the data is encrypted from beginning to end, which allows you to determine the length of time you want to spend sharing your whereabouts with another user.

How can you share your location in real-time?

Click the multimedia button within the WhatsApp conversation to send your location to other users. After selecting "location" and "real-time location," you will be prompted by the app to confirm that you wish to communicate the location after clicking on "location" and "location" again, respectively.

How can you share your available location?

Another option offered to us through WhatsApp is the ability to share our most recent location. Those who want to avoid a user being able to constantly observe their position can use this function developed for them. The procedure is the same as the one outlined earlier; however, when we click on submit location, the message will be delivered immediately without confirming anything further.

It is essential to remember that once the position has been supplied to you via WhatsApp, all you will need to do is click on the mini-map. After that, a more detailed map will pop up, and we can choose the viewing mode between a relief, satellite, or display traffic view.

Why do we need to share our locations?

The utilization of the shared space can vary greatly depending on the circumstances. This is helpful for regular WhatsApp users trying to get to where a friend or family member is now. You can use it to travel to a specific firm site, or if you are a parent who wants to know where his son goes when he leaves the house, you can use it to find out where he goes.
On the other hand, if you own a business, utilizing this function will ensure that your clients are always aware of your current status. Because the delivery communicates the location of the goods in real time, you will also tell consumers the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for their orders. This will enable customers to monitor the status of their orders at any time.

Always remember that the application of this function is contingent on the user and the circumstances in which they may find themselves. Several businesses provide services and for whom this function could be of great benefit, examples of which include the following:
1. Restaurants
2. Delivery
3. Registered mail
4. Travel
5. Home Services

How can I use BotSpace to make my delivery business more successful?

BotSpace is a solution that allows you to connect and serve the channels and social networks used the most by people, such as Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Multiple agents can manage all incoming messages from any channel in a single location and on a single platform with multiple agents working together.

You will be able to attend to all your customers swiftly, receive data and metrics regarding your agents, manage your team, evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations, and monitor all of these things. Regarding the activities (restaurants, deliveries, sales, etc.), BotSpace can greatly assist since if you have a high volume of incoming messages, they can share the location and send and collect orders. Additionally, they will all be able to communicate with one another. Everything will be much more straightforward, easy to understand, and productive thanks to BotSpace.

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