How to use the WhatsApp Auto-Reply Feature

How to use the WhatsApp Auto-Reply Feature

Apr 8, 2023

Only companies using WhatsApp Business Solutions have access to the WhatsApp auto-reply feature.

Setting up an auto-reply in the standard WhatsApp application is impossible. Only companies using WhatsApp Business Solutions have access to the WhatsApp auto-reply feature.

WhatsApp Business solutions include:

  • WhatsApp for Business
  • WhatsApp Cloud API 
  • WhatsApp Web For Business 
  • WhatsApp Business API

Table of Contents

To set up auto respond on WhatsApp Business, use the WhatsApp Business Solution.

  1. How Does The WhatsApp Business App Allow Auto Reply Work?
  2. Limits of WhatsApp Business's Auto Reply
  3. WhatsApp Chatbot Benefits
  4. How can I get a WhatsApp Chatbot to send an auto-reply?

To set up auto respond on WhatsApp Business, use the WhatsApp Business Solution.

Using the WhatsApp Business App: Downloading and using the WhatsApp Business App are both free. It enables you to interact with your neighbourhood customers, organise your catalogue of goods and services, and send out critical notifications.

Away messages for after-hours contact are also an option. You can configure important WhatsApp messages to reply automatically.

With WhatsApp's Business APIs, you can send reminders and important notifications and automate business discussions. You can use a WhatsApp Chatbot to automate your Question responses on your company number.

While WhatsApp Business App is designed to support local businesses in their customer communications, WhatsApp API supports medium-sized and large organisations.

What is WhatsApp Business API, first of all?
What distinguishes WhatsApp Business API from WhatsApp Business App?

If you are a business, you can grab the benefits of WhatsApp Business solutions to enable auto-reply on your WhatsApp. You must migrate from WhatsApp Business APP to API to get a WhatsApp Chatbot.

How Do I Turn On Auto Reply On The WhatsApp Business App?

You can communicate information about your items, your business's address, and your website by creating a profile for your company in the WhatsApp Business app.

If your company has set business hours, let's say 9 to 5. Customers will continue to call your business number at their convenience even though your team may only be communicating with them now.

At midnight, how would you respond to a possible customer?

As a result, you risk losing some customers because people socialise during their free time.

A WhatsApp away message lets your clients know you're gone and invites them to get in touch with you again. Away statements are much preferable to no response at all.

You can configure automated WhatsApp replies because the WhatsApp business app was created to assist you in expanding your business. Also, you can schedule them for any time you like.

Here are the steps to enable auto-reply for WhatsApp Business App, assuming you have already enrolled for the service:

Navigate to Settings in Step 1: Launch WhatsApp Business, then click the three dots in the Chat window's upper right corner. Choose Settings -> Business Settings -> Away message from the menu now.

At step two: Select "Send Away Message":

The toggle switch next to "Send away message" should now be turned on.

Modify your away message in Step 3: Tap "Message" and type the goodbye message you wish to leave for your clients before tapping "Ok".

STEP 4- Schedule Your Away Message: The frequency of your away message can be set.

Continuously transmit: If you are unavailable for a prolonged period, such as on vacation, choose this option.

If you want to send the automated message only at a particular time of day, choose Custom Schedule.

Outside of business hours: This option is helpful because it only allows you to send automated messages after hours.

Choose the recipients in Step 5: The recipients you want to send this goodbye message are up for selection in this last step.

Everyone: To notify everyone who texts you after business hours with the automatic message.

Everyone not in the address book- It enables you to contact phone numbers, not in your contacts list with an automated message.

You can prevent some of your contacts from receiving an auto-reply.

You have sent to To send messages to particular contacts, use this option.

You can set up an auto-reply for the WhatsApp Business App.

Limits of WhatsApp Business's Auto Reply:

1. WhatsApp Business is intended for regionally focused small enterprises. You cannot totally

2. Automate your communication and support.

3. WhatsApp Business does not support the usage of different message templates.

4. Your CRM and other third-party programmes cannot be integrated with WhatsApp Business.

5. Everyone can download the WhatsApp Business app. It doesn't confirm a company.

It only functions during set off-work hours.

Now that auto-replies on WhatsApp are available, you can see that the WhatsApp Business app offers the least.

You can put up an intelligent auto-reply chatbot on your business number using the WhatsApp Business API if the WhatsApp Business app doesn't seem appropriate for your business to respond to your clients on WhatsApp automatically.

WhatsApp Chatbot Benefits:

Using a chatbot, you can assist WhatsApp users with questions about your company. Each question's responses can be customised separately.

For the WhatsApp Business number, an intelligent autoresponder serves as an autoresponder.

Characteristics & Advantages Of WhatsApp Business API

Automates WhatsApp customer service and sales.

Reaction times are far faster than those of humans.

A WhatsApp chatbot is available 24/7.

A WhatsApp chatbot may manage numerous clients at once.

It can respond to detailed questions about your company.

Reduces the cost of hiring human agents.

Never again pay him a salary; install.

How can I get a WhatsApp Chatbot to send an auto-reply?

You must first obtain a WhatsApp Business number approved by the WhatsApp API. It would help if you located a WhatsApp Business API provider for your company to do that.

Remember that not all WhatsApp API providers will allow you to integrate WhatsApp chatbots. Here at BotSpace, we offer the WhatsApp APIs and a chatbot builder.

Before developing your chatbot, I advised you to read WhatsApp Chatbot in 2022. There, I discussed the conversation concept for a WhatsApp Chatbot.

Good Work! You now possess a WhatsApp Chatbot.

You may introduce an intelligent chatbot to your WhatsApp Company with BotSpace No Code Flow Builder. Your company can always use a chatbot to respond automatically on WhatsApp.

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