The Top 4 WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

The Top 4 WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

Apr 8, 2023

What kinds of WhatsApp marketing can a company execute? Here are some successful examples to get you motivated.

There is no denying the vast potency of WhatsApp marketing, given the app's two billion users. What kinds of WhatsApp marketing can a company execute? Here are some successful examples to get you motivated.

There are several ways for a firm to build its brand, attract new clients, and expand, from email marketing and sponsored advertisements to more traditional television advertisements.

Enter WhatsApp marketing.

WhatsApp, recently introduced, is still a relatively new marketing tool. Nevertheless, numerous companies have already profited from its potential and reach.

In this piece, we examine four top WhatsApp campaigns to give you some ideas. There is plenty to be learned from these initiatives, which have been regarded as some of the most effective WhatsApp promotions ever undertaken.

1. WhatsCook is the first Hellman's WhatsApp campaign-

Hellman's, a mayonnaise maker, used WhatsApp's messaging function (and reach) to engage users. Hellman's campaign, cleverly dubbed WhatsCook, was introduced in Brazil and focused on providing users with assistance in the kitchen.

Users had to register for WhatsCook on their website by inputting their WhatsApp numbers initially. They then received a message from a real chef requesting them to share images of the ingredients they had in their refrigerator. These cooks then submitted potential forward recipes.

That is not everything. Hellman's even went over and beyond by utilizing WhatsApp's marketing skills by sending users videos and photographs of each recipe step so they could watch and follow along, which resulted in massive success.

More than 99.5% of users who participated in this WhatsApp marketing campaign expressed satisfaction. The typical consumer spent up to 65 minutes interacting with the brand. Hellman's even expanded the campaign into nearby nations, including Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay, since it was so effective.

The WhatsApp campaign had an overall influence on more than five million people, and an astounding 50% of website visitors signed up for their service.

2. Makro's WhatsApp Campaign: Hello Santa-

The busiest time for the retail sector is the holiday season. This means there are enormous sales prospects for firms, but it also means tough rivalry. So, using creative thinking is necessary to capture the interest of customers. That is precisely what the South African department store Makro accomplished.

They created a WhatsApp campaign throughout the Christmas season for a giveaway that required participants to write a message to Santa, taking advantage of the crowds of shoppers (because Santa is on WhatsApp too).

Users were urged to message Santa first as part of the WhatsApp promotion. They were then asked to choose a favourite toy from a list of festive toys put together by Makro. Once they had decided, they had to let Makro (or Santa) know by sending another WhatsApp message. By doing that, they were entered into a raffle to win various presents and prizes.

As a result, Makro amassed a brand-new list of consumer connections that they could use to advertise some of their other services. Also, it made customers aware of their presence on WhatsApp, which may be helpful for any future needs for customer care.

3. Saffola's WhatsApp Ad: Fight the Craving-

You are aware that diets always begin the following day. Saffola, an Indian health card company, used WhatsApp to disprove this adage and promote healthier eating by discouraging members from reaching for a snack.

It was part of a more considerable advertising effort for a new active slimming product they were releasing. Users registered for "Beat the Crave" by entering their WhatsApp number on their website. They now have access to a "digital audio buddy," as the brand describes. And like a genuine friend, this companion discouraged users from eating junk food.

Users could text their friends whenever they sensed a craving, and their friends would reply with a positive text or audio message to help them "conquer the crave." Rap music lyrics and nutritional guidance were among the audio messages, such as-

  • Step back, and you will see that it is only temporary.
  • My mouth was constantly engaged in eating.
  • Just wash your teeth if you feel hungry at night. For a brief period, this causes an innate aversion to consuming anything.
  • You can complete this.

They also provided customers with alternative healthy recipe options on their websites. Saffola's WhatsApp campaign was a huge success and helped the company satisfy almost a million cravings and, more importantly, saw a 483% increase in sales.

4. Unilever's WhatsApp Campaign: Comfort

With the help of some creative WhatsApp marketing, Unilever publicized its new line of liquid and powder laundry detergents. When WhatsApp Business was first introduced in Brazil, thousands of banners were placed all over Sao Paulo, inviting people to contact the stated WhatsApp number.

After sending a message, users were connected to "MadameBot," a WhatsApp chatbot. She would offer advice on how to care for clothing and seize the chance to advertise new Unilever items. Customers that communicated with MadameBot earned free shipping and a 50% discount on the latest products after the conversation.

Initially, Unilever intended for the WhatsApp campaign to last three days. But it was so popular that they ultimately decided to make it last an extra week.

Over 6,000 individuals interacted with MadameBot in the first 12 hours, exchanging 145,000 messages. Two hundred ninety thousand letters had been issued and received by the end of the extended campaign, and the company's revenues increased 14-fold during this time.

Using the Business API for WhatsApp Marketing-

These effective WhatsApp campaigns demonstrate the many benefits of conversational marketing on WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp campaigns can also be started on the free WhatsApp Business app, doing so is more challenging due to the platform's constrained functionality.

The WhatsApp Business API, on the other hand, gives tons of options and far more advanced functionality. Also, it provides many other enterprise-level capabilities to improve your WhatsApp marketing plan.

Get in touch with BotSpace, one of the top WhatsApp Marketing tools, if you want to know more about the API and how it may benefit your brand. We are pleased to assist you as an authorized WhatsApp Business Service Provider.

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