WhatsApp Business Description Examples & Best Practices

WhatsApp Business Description Examples & Best Practices

Businesses are on WhatsApp for a reason. That reason is to sell their products and services to potential customers

Businesses are on WhatsApp for a reason. That reason is to sell their products and services to potential customers who might be on the WhatsApp platform. So,  your business should have a catchy brand name that makes a positive first impression on potential customers.

Speaking of making good first impressions, when businesses sign up with a WhatsApp Business account to sell their products and services, WhatsApp provides them with another chance to make a good impression on their prospective customers.

This opportunity to make a positive impression is through the WhatsApp Business description.

When a customer opens your Business Profile, they see the following immediately:

  • Business address
  • Email address
  • Website details
  • Working hours
  • Business description

What is a WhatsApp Business description?

A WhatsApp Business description is a description that gives prospective customers an overview of your business or the purpose of the business, or the statement of value that your business brings to customers. It is a statement that helps prospective customers understand what to expect from your company regarding the value delivered by your products or services. You might even see this description statement as a statement that ‘profiles’  your business with its products and services in one short sentence.

Crafting an impactful business description can make all the difference in making the right impression on prospective customers and generating their attention toward your products and services.

We thought we would share some tips with you regarding the crafting of attractive business descriptions:

  1. Keep it short and simple: Your business descriptions should be to the point. They ought to spell out the overview of your business value in a short sentence or statement. Customers seldom have the time or patience to go through lengthy business description statements. When confronted by elaborate business descriptions, they are more likely to skip them than pay attention to them. You might then lose the opportunity to draw their attention to your business.
  2. Keep it casual: Keep the language simple and calm. It is preferable to avoid technical language and jargon and instead use matter-of-fact, even conversational language. Keeping it simple would help the prospective customers quickly understand and get a gist of your business description and quickly decide if they need your products or services or not. Simple language makes your business more approachable.
  3. Up the pitch: Your business description need not be only informative. Just because it is called a business description need not mean that the description should be monotonous or a plain vanilla overview of your business. As mentioned before, the business description could speak of the value your products and services provide or speak in terms of the benefits that prospective customers can expect. You can also up the pitch of the business description statement to make it a sales-like or like an elevator statement that pitches up the stakes and makes a claim for the prospective customer's attention.
  4. Include a call to action in the description: Having upped your pitch, now you could ask the prospective customer to do something to initiate some action that could be either an expression of interest or outright purchase. Usually, customers need to be prodded into making the first move, even when they are interested or have a need. So, it's a good idea to have a Call to Action at the end of your business description. This is to push the prospective customer who is already interested in deciding on your product or service.

Here are some illustrative business descriptions for you to get an idea of what a business description sounds like:

"We are one of the leading & foremost authorities on Equine training in Western India, providing end-to-end solutions from riding, breeding of horses, training, education programs, veterinary back up, nutrition consultancy to performance horse management."
We provide delicious exotic fruits and vegetables with a low carbon footprint, which are grown locally and delivered to your doorstep or the shop around the corner.

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