WhatsApp Chat Widget vs Live Chat : Which is better?

Place the Whatsapp button on your website and keep the conversation with your customers even if they leave your website

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June 3, 2022
WhatsApp Chat Widget vs Live Chat : Which is better?

Visitors to websites are very likely to turn into leads. They have already ticked on many counts – they have awareness about your business and its products or services; they have taken the effort to discover your website; they clearly have the motivation to consider buying your product or service if not buy it outright. So, it makes eminent sense to try and engage with these visitors in a conversation, to understand what brought them to the website, what they are looking for, and so on. For this reason, many business websites these days have chat widgets for live chats. A chat widget is a window on your website that allows visitors to have a conversation with a sales or service rep in real-time. It usually pops up in the bottom right corner of a web page and prompts visitors to chat with a representative of the business.

Live chats thus have become the simplest and most cost-effective way of generating leads.  

Enter, WhatsApp

What has this got to do with WhatsApp, you may well ask? 

You probably use WhatsApp as a social media platform. You probably also know that WhatsApp is being increasingly used to communicate and engage with prospects, for marketing. With around 1.6 billion active users on the platform, most of whom are below the age of 25, WhatsApp offers a vast possible marketplace for business owners and marketers to sell their products.

WhatsApp Widget for Chat

But, quite apart from the fact that WhatsApp is a big marketplace, the WhatsApp widget allows you to embed a well-used and popular messenger on your website and establish an easy communication tool for your clients.

This allows visitors to your website to click on the button and chat with a business representative, through their WhatsApp number. Thus, in a fluid and seamless way, communication and interaction with visitors to your website can happen as well as a shift to WhatsApp. Even when the visitors leave your website, the conversation need not end, and can continue on WhatsApp. This way, the marketing team can be in touch with the visitors and can continue to talk with the visitors and cultivate them for promoting and selling your products and services. 

You will be able to stay in touch with your audience anytime and anywhere, answering from any device.    

Some of the benefits that the WhatsApp widget for chat offers include:

Easy and quick to contact

Visitors can easily and immediately get in touch with you, ask questions and receive answers, stay in touch, seamlessly on WhatsApp 

Improve customer service quality

Responding and resolving issues faster, leaving more customers satisfied

Raise sales 

Provide useful info about your offers and convince more people to purchase. Overall, WhatsApp widget chat offers faster customer communication and better conversion.

How do I add a WhatsApp widget to my website? 

BotSpace enables you to create a WhatsApp widget button to start chatting live through WhatsApp, without writing a single piece of code.

You can also customize the WhatsApp chat button, in terms of the color of the button as well as the background.

To create your own WhatsApp widget for live chat:

  1. Visit widget.bot.space
  2. Design you WhatsApp button
  3. Add your number
  4. Generate the widget code to place on your website.

The widget works will all popular website builders like Shopify, WoCommerce, Wordpress, Wix, SquareSpace, Webflow, BigCommerce, Elementor, Weebly, HubSpot, Godaddy etc.

Are you registered with WhatsApp API?

If you are registered with WhatsApp API, an API by WhatsApp offered to select third parties (called Business Solution Providers or BSPs such as, we can build a variety of marketing and CRM, including chatbots, for business promotion and for selling of products and services, on WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp API allows you many benefits such as some degree of automation, a Team Inbox, and other features, for full-fledged conversations and engagement possibilities in service of selling and customer support. Team Inbox allows multiple agents to respond to customer queries through a single WhatsApp number. This does away with the cumbersome chore of managing multiple WhatsApp numbers and also allows the workflow to be distributed among many agents.