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The difference between
BotSpace and WATI

Many WATI users share similar frustrations. Complicated processes, unexpected costs, and lackluster support. Wati's platform, while offering a no-code chatbot builder, falls short in functionality and ease of use, leaving much to be desired in terms sophistication. Their email-based customer support using Zendesk, often leaves businesses feeling unsupported and constrained. Imagine a customer support tool using some other tool for support!? How sad!

Enter BotSpace. A breath of fresh air in the customer engagement tool landscape. For years, BotSpace has been crafting a user-friendly, efficient, and integrated experience. Our platform is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, ensuring that businesses spend less time grappling with the tool and more time engaging meaningfully with their customers.

BotSpace shines with its array of features, but it's not just about a laundry list of capabilities. We don't believe in overwhelming our users with feature-overload or hidden costs. Instead, we focus on delivering what truly matters - effective communication solutions, robust support, and a seamless integration process

Our goal is simple: to cut through the noise and offer a straightforward, value-driven solution. Because we understand that the last thing businesses need is more complexity in their communication tools.

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Free plan available?YesNo
Pay per seat?NoYes ($9 per seat)
How much for a team of 5?$49$49
How much for a team of 25?$99$229
How much for a team of 250?$299$2254

How is the support?

Excellent (view)Poor (view)
How is the user experience?Excellent (try)Poor (view)
Native chatbot builderAvailableNot available
SurveysAvailableNot available
Can add multiple numbers in the same account?AvailableNot available
AI chatbotAvailableNot available
AI assistAvailableNot available
AI summarizeAvailableNot available
AI analyseAvailableNot available
WhatsApp green tick?AvailableAvailable
Export contactsAvailableAvailable
Export conversationsAvailableNot available
Import contactsAvailableAvailable
Import conversationsAvailableNot available
Charges markup on WhatsApp fees?YesYes
How long for activating number?Instantly2-3 days
"We've finally found the perfect way to engage with our clients through WhatsApp, making bookings, renewals, and customer support seamless"
Chris Konvalinka
Customer Retention,
Enhance Fitness, UAE
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BotSpace is a simplified and efficient tool for automating customer engagement on WhatsApp. Click around below to see what it looks like, how it works, and how it can help you.

Broadcast messages at scale

Reach out to your customers with relevant communication to build recall and boost sales.

Automate workflows

Easily build and automate interactive conversations with our visual drag n' drop chatbot builder.

Shared team inbox

Collaborate with teammates to provide superior customer support using a single WhatsApp number