WhatsApp Scheduling: How can I Schedule WhatsApp Messages?

WhatsApp Scheduling: How can I Schedule WhatsApp Messages?

Nov 18, 2023

Make the most of the 2 billion active users of Whatsapp to increase engagement and sales by scheduling WhatsApp messages.

In this article we are going to discuss: 

  1. How Can WhatsApp Messages Be Scheduled On Android?
  2. How Can WhatsApp Messages Be Scheduled On An iPhone?
  3. How Can WhatsApp Messages Be Scheduled On WhatsApp Web?
  4. How Can WhatsApp Messages Be Scheduled On The Business App?
  5. How Can WhatsApp Business API Be Used To Schedule Messages?

WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging apps, with over 2 billion active users. WhatsApp enables sharing of text messages, images, videos, locations, and money.

To make use of all these helpful capabilities, you can schedule a WhatsApp message to wish someone a happy birthday or to remind your pals about upcoming events.

Alternatively, if you own a business, arrange payment reminders for the final day of subscriptions or cart reminders to your clients' WhatsApp accounts. It would be best to automate WhatsApp Business welcome messages to all new members and customers.

As it increases engagement and sales, scheduling WhatsApp messages is crucial for you. Ideally, two groups of users want to plan WhatsApp messages:

  1. Users of WhatsApp
  2. Users of WhatsApp for Business

Let's check how to schedule WhatsApp messages on each WhatsApp platform.

How can I schedule WhatsApp messages on Android?

Install the WhatsApp Message Scheduler app from the Play store.

  1. Enable the toggle for the app under Settings -> Accessibility -> Services to gain full accessibility.
  2. Launch the app and select the "+" symbol.
  3. Select a group or contact on WhatsApp. Next, choose the time and date.
  4. Type the message you need to schedule now.
  5. Click the "Create" button to finish scheduling a WhatsApp message.
Reminder: Multiple messages cannot be scheduled for the same time.

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How can I schedule WhatsApp messages on my iPhone?

Scheduling WhatsApp messages on iPhone & iOS devices are more complex than on Android, despite Apple's assertions that it values customer privacy. However, you may schedule WhatsApp messages using Siri shortcuts.

  1. Find the Shortcuts app in the App Store and install it.
  2. When the app has opened, select Automation.
  3. Press the "make personal automation" button by tapping the plus sign in the top right corner.
  4. Select a time and date and then press "next."
  5. Next, press "Add Action" and type "Text" into the search bar. Choose "Text" from the list of results.
  6. Fill out the text field with the desired WhatsApp message
  7. Tap the "+" icon once the message has been typed. In the pop-search-up box, enter "WhatsApp."
  8. You choose "Send Message Through WhatsApp" from the dropdown menu that appears. Choose the contact you want to schedule that WhatsApp message for, and then click Next > Done.

How can I schedule WhatsApp messages on WhatsApp Web?

Using the Blueticks extension for Google Chrome, you may quickly schedule WhatsApp messages on the WhatsApp web.

  1. From the Chrome Web Store, install Blueticks.
  2. Open the Google Chrome browser and access WhatsApp Web.
  1. Choose and open the WhatsApp chat, contact, or group you wish to arrange a message.
  2. Click the symbol in the message box's proximity. The WhatsApp Message Scheduler window will then open as a result.
  3. Type the WhatsApp message that you wish to send to that person.
  4. Choose the time and date for the message's delivery
  5. Click on "Schedule Send."

Let's now check the scheduling of WhatsApp messages for corporate users.

Based on two criteria, business users can schedule WhatsApp messages:

  1. Schedule WhatsApp messages based on the date and time
  2. Schedule WhatsApp messages based on a user's activity concerning your services. 

How can I schedule WhatsApp messages on the Business App?

  1. Open the WhatsApp Business app on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Tap and select "Settings." Choose "Business Tools."
  3. Touch and select "Select Away Message." Turn "Send away message" on using the toggle.
  4. Fill up the text field with the WhatsApp message.
  5. On the WhatsApp Business menu, select "Send Away Message." 'Only Send to in the Recipients' should be chosen.
  6. Next, select "Schedule."

Based on the operating hours of your company, you can choose a particular timetable.

This is how you schedule an "Away" message for the designated time.

You cannot plan WhatsApp messages depending on the factors significant to your company using the WhatsApp Business App.

For instance, plan a WhatsApp welcome message for when a user joins your platform. Or, send a WhatsApp reminder to anyone who needs to remember to attend the event.

To address this issue on a global scale, WhatsApp introduced the WhatsApp Business API platform in 2018, enabling SMEs and major corporations to integrate WhatsApp directly with their systems and communicate with their customers on WhatsApp.

With the WhatsApp API solution, you may send and schedule WhatsApp messages on a massive scale. You may send messages straight from your CRM or database using WhatsApp APIs.

Let's check how to arrange and distribute WhatsApp messages systematically.

How can I schedule WhatsApp messages using WhatsApp Business API ? 

To send & schedule WhatsApp messages on a large scale, you'll need access to the WhatsApp Business API. There are two ways to gain access to the WhatsApp API:

  1. You can directly apply and receive cost-free access to the WhatsApp Cloud API. These APIs can be incorporated into your system to schedule WhatsApp messages.
  2. You can register for BSPs like BotSpace, which are based on the WhatsApp Business API and offer all the functionality included in the API. 

If you choose Cloud API, a development team may be required to set everything up for you since Cloud API doesn't have an interface.

On the other side, BotSpace, a WhatsApp API provider (BSP), offers you a complete WhatsApp CRM with a specific Team Inbox to organize conversations. To use all the functionality of WhatsApp Business API directly through BotSpace, you must combine it with your WhatsApp Business API number. 

Benefits of using BotSpace to access the WhatsApp API:

  1. Applications from third parties and tools like CRM and analytics
  2. Schedule WhatsApp messages using 'One Click' from CRMs, Google Sheets, and third-party applications
  3. Verified WhatsApp Business profile with a Green Tick
  4. Bulk notifications using WhatsApp Broadcast
  5. Support for WhatsApp Chatbot & Interactive Messages
  6. Customer service access with several agents
Note:- All BSPs will follow these stages pretty much precisely. Depending on the features offered by different BSPs, some features may change. All of these features are accessible on Cloud API. Connect them to your systems to use them.

Using several WhatsApp systems, you can schedule messages, as seen above. Please feel free to join a demo with our staff if you still have any questions.

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